Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vanita Gupta loves her some black folk

Vanita Gupta, the Eric Holder hire charged with investigating racism in Ferguson, Missouri, became a bête noir of the conservative blogosphere this week for blaming all criminality and anti-social behavior on slavery.

As a Democratic Party minion, this is much more convenient for her than blaming the problems of black America on the dependency created by the welfare state, the unemployment created by the regulatory state, or by the erosion of human capital created by Ms. Gupta's party's ongoing tribute to its slavery-loving past, the kidnapping of poor black and brown children to be sold to the educrat cartels in exchange for donations to Democratic Party campaigns.

Ms. Gupta may actually have more sympathy for African Americans than her former boss, Eric Holder.  He actually worked for the DC based law firm back in 2004 that spun the story for the city government when it was discovered that DC had been supplying its (mainly black) children and pregnant women with high lead content water (along with poisoning the rest of the city).  In contrast Gupta around the same time was defending poor black people in Texas against the drug war.

Conservatives worry that the moves to have the Justice Department manage police forces in Ferguson, Baltimore, and other localities is an attempt to create a federal police force (which will more easily, as President Obama has done for 6 years now, ignore the Bill of Rights, than could local officials) on the pre-text that local governments are more likely to violate the rights of minorities, especially African Americans, than is the federal government.  This echoes the "progressive" narrative that only a strong federal government liberated slaves from reactionary states.  While even this historical claim overlooks the fact that the federal government violently suppressed slave rebellions and executed radical abolitionists like John Brown, who attempted to arm slaves and lead revolts of slaves and abolitionists, this narrative becomes even more absurd when we reflect on the facts that Ferguson, Baltimore, and the other riot torn communities are (1) ruled by Democratic governors, mayors, city councils, and police chiefs, who are more often than not African American, and that the African Americans who are the victims of brutal police tactics (when that is in fact the situation, and not mere Sharpton hucksterism) and (2) are subjects of a regime of mandatory sentencing in the courts and "militarized" police equipped with surplus DoD weaponry under programs started by Democrat Bill Clinton and continued by Democrat Barack Obama.

But how much Gupta will achieve in "working across the aisle" on criminal justice reform with libertarian leaning Congresspeople remains to be seen.  Her biographies seem to make her the walking stereotype of the West Side socialist gal played by Carol Kane in a Woody Allen movie.  She may not write her own bios but they are heavy on how she was a women's studies major in college and how "racists" (or perhaps just unemployed and disenfranchised) lower class British whites threw french fries at her and called her a Paki as a child.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about Gupta, is that like almost every single "progressive" in the news (including those who work in the media), who almost all live in Chevy Chase (Chris Matthews) or Bethesda (Cokie Roberts) in suburban Maryland, or in DC neighborhoods like Kent or Berkeley (Andrea Mitchell, Jay Carney) that are so wealthy most long term DC residents have never heard of them, Gupta has demonstrated preferences in her residential real estate choices.  She didn't buy a house in up-and-coming LeDroit Park, Bloomingdale, Trinidad, or Anacostia, and send her child to a charter school with an African American majority or large minority.  She bought a $1.4 million home on Clarendon's Highland Street in zip code 20001, where her neighbors include Chuck Todd (in the minimally more diverse zipcode adjacent, 22203), and, as virtually her only black neighbors, MSNBC regular/Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson's family.  Holder has now decamped the official Obama regime for a $77 million JP Morgan Chase job and purchased a $1.4 million condo in a new luxury building in Washington, D.C.'s ritzy Penn Quarter, while still owning his long-term home in DC's lily white upper northwest Spring Valley.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Big 2A Win - Court strikes DC requirement of "a good reason" for concealed carry permit

Big 2A Win – Court strikes DC requirement of “good reason” for concealed carry permit

Libertarian calendar for May

May 20
Washington, D.C..

Liberty on the Rocks
5:30 pm
  • Mr. Henry's
    601 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, District of Columbia 20003
Liberty on the Rocks is back for the summer! We are kicking off the season at the Capitol Hill mainstay: Mr. Henry's. This will be the first happy hour to commence our once a month happy hour for the rest of the summer season. Come mingle with old liberty-loving pals and welcome new friends new to DC. We hope to see you all there!

Happy hour specials will be available. Mr. Henry's is located on the Orange/Blue/Silver line a block away from the Eastern Market metro.

May 21
Nashville, TN

Liberty on the Rocks

May 23
Lorton, VA

52nd District Libertarian Party nominating convention
12:30 pm

Libertarians, you are officially invited to attend the Nominating Convention for 52nd District, Virginia House of Delegates. We currently have a Libertarian who intends to run for the position, and any Libertarian residing in the 52nd District is welcome to run as well.

If you are interested in running, please notify LPVA 11th District Chair Matt Cholko at mattcholko@hotmail.com.

Election for 11th District Chair will also be held at this time.

Come out and support your local Libertarian candidates!

May 26
Houston, TX

Adam Kokesh does Houston
6:00 pm

Join us for an evening of enlightening discussions on freedom, empowerment, peaceful parenting and much more!

We are proud to welcome Adam Kokesh, Catherine Bleish, and John Bush to Houston, Texas!

Adam Kokesh is a long time activist who has ran for office, opened countless minds to the message of Liberty, and become world renowned for his videos and activism. Adam will be discussing his new book FREEDOM!

John and Cat are activists based out of Austin, Texas that live and breathe the message of freedom. They will be talking about how to create a more free world through Freedom Cells, Peaceful Parenting, and also discussing their new Bitcoin Bus!

Derrick Broze has been involved in activism in Houston and around the nation since early 2010. Derrick will be discussing his particular message of "Conscious Resistance", as well as discussing and selling his new book of the same name.
May 26
New York, NY

Greater NYC Rand Paul for President's LibertyHQ

7:30 PM
Strand Book Store Inc
828 Broadway
New York, NY
Are you going?

May 27
Washington DC

America's Future Foundation Gala


Friday, May 29, - Saturday, May 31
California-Nevada Libertarian Party joint convention

Monday, May 18, 2015

Petition Against Common Core

We need to destroy Common Core.

Only teachers and parents should determine a child’s education, NOT some DC bureaucrat.
You know federal standards need to end. Thankfully, we know what Common Core’s kryptonite is: separating education standards from federal funding. The Ohio Legislature already defunded Common Core testing. But we need Senate Republicans to know that any education bill must separate testing standards and federal funding.

If we do this, we’ll be able to defeat Common Core in states across the country. And, Bruce, that's why I’m asking you to sign the petition telling Senate Republicans to separate federal education funding from education standards right now!

Ending Common Core will happen. And, together, we can show the world that education
freedom works.

Noah Wall
National Director of Grassroots

Sign the Petition

Falling asleep in front of the TV


Andy Bakker for Delegate

Andy Bakker for Delegate