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Ready for Hillary
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Saturday, October 3, 2015

We need a national system of registration and control

Only five weeks after Vester Flanagan shot his former coworkers we have another rabid leftist shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, who has killed nine people - and intended to kill more.  Harper-Mercer had actually praised Flanagan, reports the UK Daily Mail - the American media won't tell you that.  Harper-Mercer was aiming to kill Christians, much like Floyd Corkins was aiming to kill politically active Christians when he tried to execute the staff at the Christian Family Research Council only two years ago.

Perhaps the reason so many mass shootings occur at college campuses or in movie theaters is because these liberal cultural venues are where socially and psychologically marginal young men (and others) are taught to hate America and Americans, Christians, the employed, legal citizens, people of the wrong (usually less) color, and those serving in the military.

It is unseemly and shameful to immediately leap to politicking in the wake of such a tragedy, but something must be done.

We must have a national system of registration and control.

The cautions or second guessing of libertarians and other Bill of Rights thumpers from the Constitution belt must be ignored and shouted down as the outmoded and reactionary nonsense it is.

We must begin a national program of surveillance, registration, and reparative therapy for leftists.

It should begin with academia, long known to be, after Planned Parenthood and the major media, the most concentrated employer of registered Democrats in the country, as well as the location of so many mass shootings.  President Obama, or his successor,  should issue an executive order making it illegal for any tenured faculty to own a gun or for anyone to sell one to them, with mandatory prison terms for both buyer and seller.

Violence among Democrats and the groups from which they recruit has too long been ignored by the wider community.  Young black men are killing young black men at a much higher rate than any other group, and it is an indictment of American racism that the country, and the Democratic Party elite, ignore it.  Lesbians and gays are beating their partners at higher rates than any other demographic.  And one look at Senator Harry Reid tells you that even privileged Democrats who become multi-millionaires by selling favors and trading on insider information in Congress are not free of this culture of violence.

We can no longer ignore this problem.  We must have a national registry of Democrats.  They must be barred from passing background checks for gun ownership, with exceptions for those who have learned gun safety by having done military service or working in law enforcement.  They need to be scheduled for monthly visits from Child Protective Services.  They should pay a special tax to fund anti-violence programs to heal their communities.

Our long national nightmare must end.


Gaynarchists Takeover, Kill and Eat Former Cohost

Libertarian calendar for October 2015

October 3
11:30 pm

reason editor Matt Welch on real time with Bill Maher
October 4
Vienna, VA

Andy Bakker for delegate at Arab American event
6:45 pm

Andy Bakker has been invited to address the Virginia Arab American Political Forum. Join us! Let's enjoy a nice evening of politics and networking and pack the house with Libertarian supporters!

October 4
Portsmouth, Maine

Liberate Uber!
2:30 pm

Help Free Uber fight against Portsmouth's Uber ban!

The city of Portsmouth, ranked as the #2 drunkest city in the state, has decided to ban Uber, an invaluable ride sharing service responsible for a market decrease in DUI deaths. Uber driver Christopher David has decided to lead the charge both in disobeying the city's decree, and in putting pressure on the city to end the ban.

We will meet in Market Square at 2:30pm to hold signs, put up flyers, and reach out to locals and local businesses about why the ban is a bad idea.

If you're attending, let us know if you plan to drive in order to facilitate carpool arrangements.

More information on Free Uber:

Swarm points available
(explained here:
+50 POINTS for attending
+100 POINTS for attending entire Market Square event
+150 POINTS for attending Praxeum prep session @ 1:30pm and entire Market Square event

*a filmmaker will be attending to document this*
October 7
Washington, D.C.

Market Urbanist Happy Hour
6:00 pm

  • I've been told it's been far too long since there's been a market urbanist happy hour in DC. Well, time to change that.

    Let's meet up at Wunder Garten, a bar that's the epitome of a transit-friendly, bike friendly, open space in the heart of the city. I'll be there starting at 6 with some colleagues, do invite anyone who might be interested.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Ready for Hillary among the Common Folk

Published yesterday at Breitbart.

Ready for Hillary peeps held a rare fundraiser last night you didn't have to be a Wall Street banker to attend, with a moderate turn out of about 70 Hillaryites, despite a storm from Hurricane Joacquin and a breakdown of DC's government transportation system, Metro.

Metro breaks down daily now, but last night's rush hour breakdown was at the K Street Farragut West stop that carries lawyers and lobbyists from DC to their homes in posh northern Virginia.  My bar mate before the speechifying started was a 30 something yuppie waiting for his wife - a newbie lawyer who had started her career at Senator Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Finance Protection Bureau - to arrive.  The crowd of mainly white 30 something lawyers had been enticed with a low $20 entry ticket because as many signatures as Hillary can get on a primary ballot access petition are needed:  Virginia has among the country's most difficult ballot access laws - you need 10,000 registered voters to sign to be allowed on the ballot.  In 2012 only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul managed to make it into the Virginia GOP primary, while others, including Virginia resident Newt Gingrich, gave up.  As Hillary's crowds shrink below those of Senator Bernie Sanders, it would be a major embarrassment if he turns in enough signatures and she didn't, though this is unlikely since Virginia Governor Terry McAullife is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clinton Inc.

It's been a week in D.C. of lower priced fundraisers from shorter candidates.  Monday, petite gay Maryland Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Chrys Kefalas, who is actually shorter than Hillary, hosted a $30 fundraiser at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, catered by his Greek immigrant family's Baltimore area restaurant, Costas Inn.  Tonight Senator Rand Paul, who is actually a couple of inches taller than Hillary, hosts a $35 happy hour at DC's downtown Microsoft lobbying offices, also with free food and drink.  Hillary, whose reported height in her official bios has been fluctuating as much as her story about what she's hiding with her private emails and server, let supporters in for $20, but then made them buy their own beer and food from Arlington's Rooftop Bar and Grill.

A young woman who organized the event spoke at such length the crowd started to ignore her, going on with a long list of arguments for Hillary ranging from her being a woman to Mrs. Clinton's having made herself available for 12 major media interviews in the past 28 days, including with Ellen, Lena Dunham, and Jimmy Fallon.  Finally she introduced the guest speaker standing in for Hillary,  her strategic media advisor, Jim Margolis, introduced as the man who got her 3.7 million Twitter followers.  Though he has the cartoony look of a character actor, he's smooth, can perform as personable, and funny.  If Hillary had been there she would have looked wooden - and very short - beside him.  And though his remarks had some candor - he told the crowd he'd worked on Obama's 2008 (and 2012) campaign, where he'd beaten Hillary ("but I'm on her team now!"), he followed the dishonest campaign talking point of saying Hillary regretted her mistake of not having two email accounts, and evaded the issue of having a private server stashed in a closet.

Margolis took 5 questions from the crowd, and they were revealing.

His first three questions were all from men, which he actually remarked on and said he wouldn't do, but then did.  And the first one was how could Hillary reach out to male voters?  with the male supporter speculating that she should put out positions papers on prostate cancer or boys doing badly in public schools.  Margolis answered that they are now experts in micro-targeting, and could identify exactly when male voters open to Hillary would be watching Gomer Pyle reruns on which cable channels at what time in the wee hours of the morning.

Question 2, from a plump, fey, Indian gentleman, who stood up and gave a long and impassioned speech, was a window into the mind of the embattled Hillary supporter.  He said he spent all day every day reading reply columns in social media, and it was clear to him that in the wake of Citizens United an army of over a million paid on-line trolls are the people continually charging Mrs. Clinton with being a "criminal liar" and keeping the private server story alive, and that many of the Bernie Sanders supporters, especially on line, were paid actors and sock puppets.  Margolis didn't disagree with this notion of a Koch brothers funded right wing conspiracy, but did point out that every month through at least January the State Department would be releasing another batch of Hillary emails.

A third question was how Hillary could win in states like Arkansas that have switched from Democrat to Republican governors and a fourth, female. supporter wanted to know again how to fight back against the email story.  Margolis assured the crowd that Hillary would win Iowa and New Hampshire, with 70 paid staffers in the former and 40 in the latter, organizing thousands of volunteers.

Finally, the last question, from one of the few African American women there (at an event just two subway stops outside Washington, D.C., which is 50% African American), was how Hillary could "earn our country respect again, after those awful Bush years."  She didn't mention Obama.  Which is probably just as well since even while she was asking Vladimir Putin was preparing to tell Barack Obama he could just stay out of the middle east, after having spent the day with him at the United Nations.

October is gay history month - archives

Here is the 1993 newsletter of a gay libertarian group that existed before Outright Libertarians:

                 THE QUILL
      Queer Individual Liberty Letter, Vol. 1, No. 1, February, 1993
         A publication of Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty

                         LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT
                              Kelly R. Young

     Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty celebrates its second
anniversary this month, and we are pleased to announce some
exciting changes.  Though we have always been committed to the
market liberal philosophy, GLIL begins 1993 with a focus on new
programs, new outreach, and new ideas.  Over the past two years we
have built a base of support in Washington's gay and lesbian
community, and we appreciate the opportunity to bring the ideas of
market liberalism to this important constituency.  Through these
changes, however, we hope to expand that support, both for GLIL and
market liberal ideas.  (For more on market liberalism, see "What is
GLIL?" below.)
     Foremost among the changes at GLIL is this first edition of
_The Quill_, our bimonthly newsletter.  Under the editorship of
Dave Edmondson, we will publish _The Quill_ every other month to
inform you about upcoming GLIL events.  _The Quill_ will also carry
articles on the latest ideas in market liberal thinking and other
items of interest to gay market liberals, including book reviews,
news briefs, and announcements.  If you would like to receive _The
Quill_ or contribute material, please see "What Is _The Quill_?" on
page 3.
     A second important addition to the GLIL network is our Program
Series.  Over the past two years we have seen our speeches,
debates, and panel discussions well received by those who are
interested in the ideas and policies that affect our lives.  In
fact, our debate on gay marriage between Andrew Sullivan of _The
New Republic_ and Tom Palmer of the Institute for Humane Studies
was remarkably successful, gaining television coverage for an
increasingly important issue.  As well, we have been proud to
sponsor events on hate crimes legislation and the platform for
April's March on Washington.  These issues, and many others, are
important ones for our community and deserve serious attention.
     To give that much needed attention, we have inaugurated the
GLIL Program Series, a schedule of monthly events that focus on
various issues of interest to our membership and beyond.  We begin
the series this month with Richard Sincere's "Political Alterna
tives for the Gay Community."  Mr. Sincere, the chair of the
Libertarian Party of Virginia, will discuss many of the popular and
not so popular political alternatives that are available to gay men
and lesbians.  In March we continue the series with a speech by
David Boaz, Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute, on "Our
'New Democrat' President."  Mr. Boaz, a market liberal policy
expert, will discuss the new administration's commitment to change
and its understanding of market institutions.  For times and
locations, see "Upcoming GLIL Events" below.  Future programs will
be announced in _The Quill_ and the _Blade_ as they are scheduled.
     A third activity that has gained the support of many members
is our Happy Hour, held from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on the first Tuesday
of each month.  This monthly (previously biweekly) get-together at
Trumpets, 17th and Q streets, N.W., gives members the chance to
socialize with each other and informally discuss issues and ideas. 
It's also a wonderful opportunity for non-members to learn more
about market liberalism and to meet other gay men and lesbians who
are interested in these ideas.
     In addition to _The Quill_, program events, and happy hours,
GLIL also contributes to the community as the opportunity arises. 
In 1993, we will participate in the March on Washington and the
Washington Pride Day Festival as we continue to promote market
liberal ideas in the media through letters to the editor, op-eds,
and advertisements.  If you would like to be a part of GLIL and
help us bring market liberalism to the gay and lesbian community of
Washington, please join us.  Come by the next happy hour or program
meeting, write us at PO Box 65743, Washington DC  20035-5743, or
give us a call at 703-920-4023.  We welcome everyone who is
honestly committed to principles of individual liberty, personal
responsibility, and voluntary interaction upon which market
liberalism stands.  I hope we can on you for support, and I look
forward to welcoming you at our next event.


     Libertarians for Gay and Lesbian Concerns (LGLC), a national
Libertarian organization, has the following events planned for the
March on Washington weekend, April 24-25.  Unless otherwise noted,
all events will be at the Channel Inn, 650 Water St., S.W., near
7th and Maine Av.  More information will be available in April's
_Quill_ and in _The Washington Blade_.
     Saturday, April 24:  Libertarian brunch and hospitality suite,
1747 S St. NW, time TBA (call 202-483-1311).  LGLC business
meeting, 4:30-6:00.  Cocktail hour, 6:00-7:00.  Fundraising dinner,
7:00-9:00; David Boaz will speak on "One, Two, Three, What Are We
Marching For?"  Those wishing to attend the dinner should send a
check for $30.00 to LGLC, PO Box 447, Chelsea MI  48118-0447, and
specify their choice of fish, beef, or chicken.
     Sunday, April 25:  Persons marching with LGLC should meet at

                              Marti Martinson

     Starting a conversation with a stranger is difficult enough;
maintaining an intelligent exchange is, almost always, next to
impossible.  Different ideas are usually stonewalled not by
arrogance, but by fear.  I was lucky enough to have a very
enlightening conversation with a young man from Brazil.  His
perceptions of  gay life and culture in America were unique to this
American ear.
     First:  We agreed that America is still a very Puritan nation. 
This is evidenced by the average parent's reaction to even the most
innocent sexual explorations of their children.  Granted, with HIV,
AIDS, and STD's, safety is an issue -- indeed, a requirement -- but
sexual relations between adolescents did not begin in the 1960's. 
Sex is a fact of life and has never been restricted to married
     Second:  America and other First World nations are at an era
in their history where basic survival is not an issue (for the most
part).  More time can be spent on lofty and pretentious concepts of
morality; hence, we can fire employees because of their sexuality. 
Paulo told me that the notion of an employer even caring that a
person in his hire is gay is ridiculous.  With average wages in
Brazil about $100 per month, they have better things to worry
     Third: Since sexuality is a private issue, homosexuals are
totally assimilated into society; therefore, gay culture or society
does not exist.  Yes, there are gay bars, clubs, and saunas, but
there is no issue for gays to rally around and band together.  Can
you believe that he said, "Gays are so united in America"?  Doesn't
he know we fight amongst ourselves?  And to say we are more
friendly than gays in Brazil was astonishing.  "Most gays in Brazil
are arrogant," he told me.
     Fourth:  Sexuality in Brazil is equated with pleasure; in
America it is shaded by preference/orientation.  He believed that
5% of the men are exclusively homosexual, that 5% are exclusively
heterosexual, and that a full 90% are bisexual.  Adolescents, while
not actively encouraged, are fully expected to explore various
paths to pleasure.  There is no shame or mantle of guilt associated
with sex.
     We talked for almost three hours, white-bread me and Brazilian
bronze-boy.  I concluded that America should never be a melting
pot, one big cauldron of mush.  We should be more like a pot luck: 
distinct dishes that touch and complement one another, keeping
their own special significance.

                           UPCOMING GLIL EVENTS

     Thursday, February 18:  Richard Sincere, chair of the
Libertarian Party of Virginia, speaks on "Political Alternatives
for the Gay Community."  St. Margaret's Church, 1820 Connecticut
Av., N.W., 7:00 p.m.
     Tuesday, March 2:  Libertarian happy hour.  Trumpets, 17th and
Q streets, N.W., 6:00-8:00 p.m.
     Thursday, March 18:  David Boaz, Executive Vice President of
the Cato Institute, speaks on "Our 'New Democrat' President."  St.
Margaret's Church, 7:00 p.m.
     Tuesday, April 6:  Libertarian happy hour.  Trumpets, 17th and
Q streets, N.W., 6:00-8:00 p.m.

                               WHAT IS GLIL?
                              Dave Edmondson

     Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty, or GLIL, is an
organization of persons committed to the political philosophy of
individual liberty, both generally and as it affects lesbians, gay
men, and bisexual persons.  As such, we welcome classical liberals,
market liberals, limited-government libertarians, anarcho-capital
ists, and objectivists, as well as persons wishing to learn more
about our views.
     We believe that the source of sovereignty and the fundamental
unit of society is the individual and reject any higher secular
authority.  We do not place the good of the "collective whole"
above that of individuals, since "the collective whole" is at most
a macroscopic averaging of individual actions.  Nor do we accept
the majority as the final arbiter, since being a majority does not
confer ownership of the minority.  Moreover, appeals to the "higher
good" are circular, since they presuppose a moral right to impose
one's view of the "higher good" on others.
     From individual sovereignty we derive the *non-coercion
principle*, which states that no person has the right to initiate
force or fraud against another for any reason, no matter how
virtuous that reason may appear.  This principle deductively leads
to "liberal" positions on some issues, such as as whether govern
ment should prohibit sodomy or drug use, and to "conservative"
positions on other issues, such as whether government should
redistribute wealth or protect us from our own foolishness.
     We reject as arbitrary the distinction between "economic" and
"personal" individual liberties.  If the individual owns herself,
then she must necessarily also own both her own body and the fruits
of her own labor, absent a voluntary alienation of either.  Thus,
the two forms of individual liberty, often seen as being in
opposition, actually have the same source.

                           WHAT IS _THE QUILL_?

     _The Quill:  Queer Individual Liberty Letter_ is the bimonthly
newsletter of Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty (GLIL).  It
is intended to include news of the organization, policy essays, and
other articles of interest to lesbian, gay, and bisexual Libertari
     We welcome articles and letters to the editor.  You may send
submissions for the April issue through March 15 to GLIL, PO Box
65743, Washington DC  20035-5743.  Also, please ask about submis
sion by disk, e-mail, or fax.
     If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please
write to GLIL at the address given above.  While we do not
currently charge for _The Quill_, we should appreciate a contribu
tion to help cover the costs of printing and mailing.

      Dave Edmondson,,
      "Exalted Master, you told us that the world would end yesterday."
      "My child, it did end yesterday, but you're too sinful to notice."

The Libertarian Party on Restoring the Fourth Amendment

Falling asleep in front of the TV


Andy Bakker for Delegate

Andy Bakker for Delegate

Suojanen for Delegate

Suojanen for Delegate

Carl Loser

Carl Loser