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Friday, July 25, 2014

Rand Paul speaks to NoVa young techies

Libertarian calendar for July

July 26
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Libertopia North

Speakers: Doug Casey, Rick Rule, Dayna Martin, Butler Shaffer, Jeffrey Tucker, and Lawrence Reed.


Publically-managed education is indoctrinating people around the world to think and act alike and to worship the new-age religion of democracy and nationalism. They are psychologically crippled through the development of an entitlement mentality. Fiat currency has morally corrupted the individual by making his time-preference very high. In the West, encounters with the state—at airports and elsewhere—are increasingly humiliating to the integrity of the individual.
Despite the above, the state is showing obvious signs of crumbling. It is too brittle and rigid in the rapidly changing world. Forever-wars and militarization of the police—as in the US—are likely signs of desperation of the governments and their failure to control the increasingly mobile humanity. The state has promised too much, but cannot deliver on freebies. In the real world of causality, ironically, the state finds itself in conflict with the statist, entitlement-oriented populace, who increasingly think that the state is a magic wand. 
For the seeker of freedom, today’s technology allows a possibility of a free, productive life, without a need of having to go to live in solitude in the Himalayas.
We will discuss what the combination of increasing dependence of the individual on the state and the fact that the state is crumbling will have on the future. Hopefully this will help prepare those who are seeking a more free life.
Program (Saturday, 26 July 2014):
· 8 to 8:25am: Registration and coffee
· 8:25 to 8:30am: Introduction by Jayant Bhandari
· 8:30 to 9:20am: “Lessons from ancient Rome,” by Larry Reed
Mr Reed is the President of Foundation for Economic Education, USA. Earlier, he was the President of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Michigan based free-market think-tank. His latest book, A Republic – If We Can Keep It, is a collection of essays that surveys the economic history of the United States and the modern world. As a journalist, he visited 81 countries, spent time with Contra rebels in Nicaragua, lived with Mozambique rebel forces, and travelled with freedom activists in Poland.
· 9:20 to 10:20am: “Unschooling and Freedom Parenting,” by Dayna Martin
Ms Martin has been inspiring others for over a decade by sharing her experience through natural birth, attachment parenting and Unschooling.  Author of, Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, and her newest book, Sexy Birth. She’s been featured on Dr. Phil, CNN, Nightline, Australia’s most popular morning news program, Morning Sunrise, The Jeff Probst Show, ABC’s hit show, Wife Swap, Fox News and the Bethenny Show.
· 10:20 to 10:45am: Coffee
· 10:45 to 11:45am: “Anarchist’s duty to succeed,” by Rick RuleMr Rule is one of the most successful investors anywhere. Mr Rule started his career working as a security guard at False Creek in Vancouver. He is currently the Chairman, Sprott US Holdings Inc., one of the biggest and most successful money managers in the resource sector. He is a living proof of what he loves to say, “Your biggest problem is not the state and its tyranny, but what is between your two ears.” In his talk, Mr Rule will emphasize that fulfillment comes from individual achievement, and that advances in the condition of mankind occur through voluntary rather than coercive exchanges.   
· 11:45 to 12:45pm: “The Revolutionary Implications of P2P Technology,” by Jeffrey Tucker
Mr Tucker is CLO (Chief Liberty Officer) of and publisher ofLaissez Faire Books. He is also a Distinguished Fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education, an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and an Acton University faculty member.
· 12:45 to 1:35pm: Lunch (the last 15 minutes will accompany poetry by the spoken word artist, Lilija Valis, with musicians Enrico Renz and Lawren Nemeth, in an exploration and celebration of the universal quest for freedom.)
· 1:35 to 2:45pm: “Decline of Empire: Parallels between the US and Rome,” by Doug CaseyMr Casey, founder of Casey Research, is one of the most sought after speakers. He has written two New York Times bestsellers, including “Crisis Investing,” which was #1 for 19 weeks. He frequently contributes to and the Liberty. He has recently published two new books, “Totally Incorrect” and “Right on the money.”
· 2:45 to 3:45pm: “The unfolding civilization,” by Butler Shaffer
Mr Shaffer, an astute observer of the human nature, talks about the ever-continuing demeaning of the human spirit under the expansion of institutional power. Author of several books—Boundaries of Order, Calculated Chaos, In Restraint of TradeThe Wizard of Ozymandias, and his latest Libertarian Critique of Intellectual Property—Mr Shaffer teaches law at Southwestern Law School.
· 3:45 to 4:10pm: Coffee
· 4:10 to 4:30pm: “Values that underpin successful, dynamic societies,” by Jayant BhandariJayant is a contributing editor of the Liberty magazine and frequently writes for the Mises Institutethe Mises Institute (Canada)Casey ResearchLe Québécois Librethe Dollar Vigilante, etc.
· 4:30 to 5pm: Butler Shaffer to interview Dayna Martin using the Socratic Method
· 5 to 5:30pm: Doug Casey to interview Rick Rule about his life and the lessons he has learned

 Saturday, 26 July 2014

 Event Rooms 1200-1500
Segal Graduate School of Business
500 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 1W6
(This is an independent event, not affiliated with the School)  
Cost: $150 
Host:Jayant Bhandari

July 26
Thousand Oaks, CA

LP Ventura County
2607 Lander Court
7:00 pm

John Tamny is political economy editor at Forbes, a weekly panelist on the Forbes on Fox show, and a regular guest on CNBC’s Kudlow Report. He is a senior economic adviser to Toreador Research & Trading, a senior director with the Cato Institute and editor of

Join us for a provocative evening with John Tamny as he confronts Government Barriers to Economic Growth. Enjoy delicious barbeque and entertainment, and the company and conversation of friends who share your libertarian values.

RSVP to or (805) 642-5782

Visit us at

July 26
Omaha, NE

Libertarian Atheists Potluck

6:30 pm
  • 730 S. 70th St., Omaha, NE
Potluck bbq. Nori Azaghal and I will supply the brats and burgers, you guys bring sides and some disposable dishware. BYOB. Kids are welcome. We have water stuff for the kids, and we have plenty of outdoor seating with shade.

July 27
Coney Island, NY

Libertarian Ballot Access

Petitioning, Coney Island, Sunday 7/27/14.  Episode III

Hello Liberty Lovers,

LAST WEEK - I hit Coney island for the 2nd time Saturday 7.20.14.  Strictly worked the beach this time since being in the sand seems more productive than being up on the boardwalk.  I canvassed the beach from 1pm – 3pm, covering the area East of the pier where the sun worshipers are really packed in.

I used the same technique as my 1st effort – wore the ‘Chronically Libertarian’ marijuana t-shirt, held my clipboard (Alton special) up high above with the Independent Candidate side of it facing forward and just let the fish jump in the boat.

I had zero long, time-wasting conversations and maybe 2 or 3 brief chats.  I did get a lot of encouraging comments from the people out there, this tactic seems to really hit a sweet spot with them. 

THIS WEEK, SUNDAY - I’m gearing up to hit the honey pot again this Sunday.  Can you imagine the #’s we would do if we had a team of petitioners out there?  Help make a difference, give people an actual choice when they step inside the booth in November.

This is another call out for help, for assistance.
Who will join me?  BE ACTIVE, join me at Coney Island, petitioning.

Step up now, we need your help. There is nothing more critical right now for the Libertarian Party here in New York than getting signatures. 

I have 6 t-shirts, in sizes M, L, XL. I have 2 clipboards (lightweight, easy to hold up). I’ll give anyone who comes out a shirt and my extra clipboard.

Michael J. Smith
July 30
Arlington, VA

Young Americans for Liberty conference
(you must rsvp at
The conference as a whole is not open to the public, just the opening night.

The Artisphere/Spectrum Theatre
1101 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia
(two blocks from the Roslyn metro)

Wednesday July 30th
5:45pm Doors Open
6:15pmConvention Welcome, featuring Jeff Frazee
House of Representatives Panel, featuring United States House of Representative Members
7:30pmKeynote address, featuring Senator Rand Paul


The New York Libertarian Party Meetup Group

Liberty Happy Hour
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 7:00 PM · 5 attending
Monthly MLP meeting
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 7:00 PM · 3 attending
Monthly MLP meeting
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 7:00 PM · 1 attending


Hillary Clinton, Sociopath

Ex-GOP sleuth eyes House seat, Benghazi

I once enjoyed a set that Mr. Begala delivered at a dinner celebrating the wonders of Barney Frank, where he told his funny joke about the similarity of the acronyms BLT and LGBT. He's not a bad comic, and like Josh Earnest and Jim Carney and other current boy prossies of the Democrats, he's a prettier little liar than James Carvile, though neither as talented nor as masculine. It's amusing to watch him repeat the Clinton's SOP misogynist character assassination against Barbara Comstock, where female opponents are always portrayed as unstable. But what Mr. Begala's barking, from his lily white cul de sac in McLean, really does is make it clear what Hillary Clinton is. With her constant lies (Bosnian snipers, I'm not rich, etc etc) and her obsession with attacking the women who Bill Clinton had molested, in order to protect her and her husband's political careers, it becomes clear that Mrs. Clinton is a classic sociopath.

Libertarian calendar for August

Austin, TX
August 2

Christians for Liberty conference is a forum for Christian libertarians to network and share ideas. 

The Christian libertarian movement has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 6 years, but it’s time for us to take the next step forward. If you are interested in the intersection of libertarianism and Christianity, I invite you to join us in Austin, Texas on August 2nd, 2014 for the first ever Christians for Liberty Conference. Never before has there been an event like this. We fully expect to have well over 100 dedicated Christian libertarians gathered together for the express purpose of fellowship to equip and encourage one another to make a difference in ourselves, in our churches, and in our communities. You can find more information about the conference and register here

Edgewater, Maryland
August 2

Chesapeake Pride

Hey gang, it's that time again - the Chesapeake Pride Festival at beautiful Mayo Beach Park. You can bring your bathing suit and towel and go for a dip in the Bay or just go wading (see picture of me getting my feet wet in 2010).

Here's all the info:
Saturday, August 2, from noon to 6 p.m. They want all the vendors/exhibitors to be set up by 10:30 a.m. There won't be a tent, but if someone can bring a long table and a few chairs, we should be good (see picture of our table in 2011).
The exact address - for your GPS devices - is 4150 Honeysuckle Drive, Edgewater, MD.
Please let me know if you will be there. Eric, please spread the word to the Young Libertarians. Our candidates for Governor and Attorney General will be there - at least for a few hours. It will be a great opportunity to let the GLBT community know that there is a party in Maryland, with candidates, that stands for equal rights and liberty for all.
In liberty,
Susan Gaztañaga

Grand Rapids, MI
August 1-3

FEE Summer Seminar

Good Intentions or Good Results? How Trade, Property, and Entrepreneurship will Help the Developing World
Calvin College | Grand Rapids, MI | July 31 - August 3

What causes wealth and what can be done to help those without it? Billions of dollars are spent on aid programs, while millions continue to starve. These programs help people feel better about the suffering in the world, but what actually helps alleviate that suffering? What is the cause of wealth in the world? This introduction to economic thinking will help you answer these questions. This introductory seminar will not give you all of the answers to these complex problems; it will give you the tools to find the answers yourself.

Libertarian Sarvis censored from Virginia debates

Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate in Virginia, Robert Sarvis, has qualified to be on this year's ballot alongside Democrat Mark Warner and Republican Ed Gillespie.

The first debate is being hosted by the Virginia Bar Association on Saturday, July 26th. Although there are only three candidates on the ballot, Robert Sarvis has again been excluded from debating his opponents. (See

Please use the phone numbers, email addresses and social media addresses below to contact the debate host, the Virginia Bar Association, and the moderator, Judy Woodruff of PBS NewsHour (the show will livestream the event), to politely ask them to invite Robert Sarvis to the debate.

Also, please share this event on Facebook/Twitter and invite your Facebook friends to help build support.


Virginia Bar Association
Contact information for invididual VBA leadership:

Judy Woodruff

PBS NewsHour


VBA Debate Announcement:

Washington Post: "Va. Libertarian Sarvis joins Senate ballot" - 6/26/2014 "Va. Libertarian makes U.S. Senate ballot but not debate" - 6/26/2014

Ballot Access News: "Robert Sarvis Showing was Best Gubernatorial Showing for a Minor Party Candidate in the South Since 1970" - 11/6/2013

Robert Sarvis:

Thursday, July 24, 2014

FCC petition

Make sure you sign American Commitment’s petition to Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC below—and tell him that the American people won’t stand for a federal takeover of the internet. And we’ll send a copy of your petition to your Congressman too—just so that they know where their constituents stand in the fight to stop these crippling internet regulations.
Dear Mr. Wheeler,

As an American citizen, I wanted to voice my opposition to the FCC’s crippling new regulations that would put federal bureaucrats in charge of internet freedom, and urge you to stop these regulations before they’re enacted.

If the federal government goes through these plans to regulate the internet, I know that the internet will change—and not for the better.

The federal government can use their power over the internet to direct content—meaning that our free speech rights could be infringed.

Like many Americans, I believe that the internet should remain free of government control and unnecessary regulation—just as it has for the last twenty years of unprecedented growth.

Please stop the FCC’s dangerous new regulations, and protect the future of internet freedom here in America.


Falling asleep in front of the TV